Wiz Khalifa Predicts Coronavirus Baby Boom Fast Download

Wiz Khalifa thinks that a large number of “quarantine babies” are on the way because of the novel coronavirus.

In nine months’ time, Wiz Khalifa would not be surprised to see a lot of new babies popping out into the world.

He might not be wrong either. As of right now, the World Health Organization is suggesting we deal with the novel coronavirus by social distancing and self-quarantining, remaining indoors at home and avoiding public spaces.

Without access to the gym, movie theater, restaurant, or other spots, there isn’t much left for us to entertain ourselves.

At a certain point, Netflix will end up going stale. After the end of our binge-watching marathons, what will we have left? Wiz Khalifa thinks many of us will resort to sex to see the time go by.

“It’s gonna be a lot of quarantine babies poppin out next year,” wrote the Pittsburgh rapper on Twitter, commenting on the lack of activities to entertain ourselves with during this time.

A baby boom is very probable within the next year as couples self-quarantining together will grow bored of board games, mindless conversation, and movies. Khalifa may be onto something here.

Wiz Khalifa


It’s gonna be a lot of quarantine babies poppin out next year

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