WATCH: Cardi B GOES OFF over coronavirus: ‘it’s government’s fault things are this bad… da f***!’

Cardi B recorded a video of herself airing out her frustration about the confusion caused by US President Trump’s announcement that people with no symptoms should not go for testing for coronavirus as the supply for test kits for the virus are running low.

The New York rapper, who shot to fame when her debut song ‘Bodak Yellow’ topped charts internationally, said the confusion happens when celebrities like Idris Elba, who tested positive last week, come out to say that they have no symptoms, but were afforded the chance to get the test done when others are turned away.

Cardi’s argument is that the man on the street is turned back for requesting a test be done if they don’t show symptoms, but celebrities who can afford the high cost of the test, and the treatment, are tested.

“If you’re under 30, you can’t get tested… You have to be sick for eight days if you’re under 30 so you can eligible to test for coronavirus. If you’re 40, 50, 60 and you’re having a cold, they’re going to test you right away, however, your test results will come in four days. If you’re positive for the coronavirus, they will tell you to quarantine in your home and come back if your fever go a hundred and someshi** degrees. And I do not feel like that’s right…” Cardi B said

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