House Of Reps Orders 400units Of Toyota Camry 2020 Worth Hundreds Of Millions (Photos)

According to a source, the House of Representatives has started taking delivery of their Toyota Camry 2020 model cars which was said to be acquired for members as official cars, otherwise called utility vehicles.

Our correspondent sighted some of the cars at different parking lots within the National Assembly Complex, on Thursday. The legislators had at an executive (closed-door) session on February 5, 2020, after the so called meeting they all concurred to purchase 400 units of the exotic car.

The House, however, kept mute on the cost of each unit as the contract for the supply was learnt that, it was not awarded to accredited Toyota dealers so therefore it would be very cost. A source made it known the House ordered the V6 Limited Edition variant of the car.

After we had a check on the website of Toyota, it was revealed that each of the vehicles – depending on the variant, has a price tag of between US$25,000 to US $35,000 which is between 9million to 12.6million in our currency, excluding the cost of shipping and custom duties, which is about 100 per cent of the actual cost of each unit.

They lavished millions of naira to get this cars and we are going through this current situation whereby the poor don’t even have what to eat.

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