General Notice Sent From First Bank of Nigeria to their Customers

It is obvious that fraudsters are using this quarantine period to scam innocent bank account owners through one means or the other. The rate of fraud during this period is higher that as it was before now. This is because a lot of Nigerians who are idle at home doing nothing have decided to join the league of scamming people, those with bank accounts are the main victims of this circumstance

Knowing fully well that this is bound to happen to customers, First Bank of Nigeria have decided to send a notice to her esteem customers warning them against fraud and advised them on how to report any noticed fraudulent acts.

See below:

“As you aware most transactions are done online due to the ‘stay home’ precaution against COVID-19.

Stay alert!

Report any suspicious or fraudulent email, sms or call by sending an emai to

Do not release your card PIN, passwords, and any other personal account detail to anyone via calls, texts or emails, as FirstBank will never request for any of such details.

Please Stay Scam Smart!

#ScamAlert #FirstBankCares #EnablingYou


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