Wofai Fada reveals test result after contact with Coronavirus patient

Wofai Fada

Popular Instagram Comedienne and actress, Wofai Fada has shared her test result on social media after she tested negative for COVID-19 (coronavirus).

The actress was at the recent AMVCA, and she took a photo with a documentary photographer, Seun O who had just returned to Nigeria from the UK and showed symptoms of coronavirus at the Award ceremony.

Following warnings that Seun may have contracted coronavirus in the UK before returning to Nigeria, AMVCA attendees were all advised to self-isolate.

Lagos health commissioner, Prof. Akin Abayomi later advised that everyone who attended the AMVCA on March 14 should observe strict self-isolation as they may have come in contact with a person who has tested positive for the coronavirus.

Actress Wofai said she’s been self-isolating but was forced to take a test after people began calling her and sending text messages about the photo she took with the suspected case. She said this caused her to panic, hence the test.

She has now revealed that her result came out negative, and she also shared a screenshot as proof.

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