Fiction: Beautiful Nun Sister Goes wild After getting Banged for The First Time

A twitter user and Rev. Sister has chosen to do contrary to her belief as she finally cried out on twitter that she wants to marry.

She said she has been a virgin and a Rev. Sister for many years, saying she has finally tasted love and cannot let go

She said she has come to the stage of getting married as she can’t hold herself any longer, adding that she has waisted so many years being a virgin

” I think I have been wasting many years being a virgin, I want to marry ooooo, I finally tasted it yesterday and I don’t think I can let go.” She said

Meanwhile, many have responded to the tweet as one said she should have kept it secret, another said she is never a Rev. Sister but a worker of iniquity

In her reply to the peoples response she said she has had the intention to abuse herself or her belief but that she has fallen in love and needed to get married.

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