“What Happened To The 2 Trillion Meant For The Poor” NASS Asks, 9 Hrs Later Acc Gen Office Burns.

Some things are just suprising aren’t they? Like how a perfectly fine building will just go up in flames during this lockdown period as a result of coronavirus.

Well that is the case, as the office of the Accountant General of the Ministry of Finance got engulfed in flames.

But then what is the story behind it?

Well FFK has helped us on that. In his tweet, he said:

“”Explain how you distributed 2 trillion naira to the poor. We need names, how u arrived at ur database & the demographic spread” – NASA to FGN.

“We have the records. They are with the ACC. General” MIN of FINANCE.

9 hours later office of the Acc-General is engulfed by fire!”

Truly, with the timing of the fire, it doesn’t seem to be a coincidence or some unforeseen disaster, and most Nigerians are already ruling that it was a premeditated action and occurrence.

However there is still a possibility of it being just a normal unforeseen accident.

The only way to actually prove if it was an accident or as a result of a premeditated action is if the FGN will provide the details required by NASS.

In the event of claiming that the fire burnt up the required documents, well we will have no other option but to believe that it was a deliberate action. In the meab time let’s have a tiny bit, just a tiny bit of hope that our country is not beyond saving.

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