“Olamide Is A Good Person”: See Photos Of Olamide Giving Out Materials And Food Box

After attempt to contain the corona virus pandemic across the Nation, the Federal Government President Buhari has decided again to extend the lockdown by another two weeks. Now this is not a bad move, its just that there are lots of Nigerians who are hungry without palliatives. How do you expect them to survive this two weeks on empty stomach?

This has led a lot of people to take action on giving to the needy and one of the people doing that now is our very own Olamide Badoo.

Olamide has always been known for dropping hits back to back which has made every Nigerians danced away their sorrow and now he is dropping giveaways to Nigerians during this trying times.

see alleviation staple he’s giving out.

This is trying times for everyone on the planet, however Baddo is as yet contacting individuals lowkey in the city of Lagos with help materials food box.

YBNL Partnered With Noella Foundation And FoodClique To Distribute The Food Items Across The State.

Am sure fans will love him more for what he is doing right now. God bless your hustle bro!!

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