Was Jhene Aiko And Big Sean’s Instagram Live Adorable Or Awkward?

2020 Roc Nation THE BRUNCH - Inside

Last night Jhene Aiko and Big Sean, the couple who doesn’t want anyone to know they’re a couple went live on Instagram. The pair, seemingly separated by the coronavirus, discussed everything from music to marriage in front of their fans, and as HipHopWired put it, “Although the two declared that they’re both single, it was clear to many that a connection exists between the two.”

One of the more telling moments about the state of their union came when the Detroit rapper asked the singer whether he’d compete for her, to which she replied, “I’m not competing for nothing. I don’t compete I complete.” Deciding to run that message back, Jhene repeated, “I don’t compete. I complete. And the difference between competing and completing is the L. You know what that L stands for? It stands for love. And you know what love stands for? Living on valued energy and that’s word to my dad.”

After chiming in on Jhene’s definition of love, Big sean added, “And life is just love in full effect.”

James Fauntleroy Stan Account@yoyotrav


Big Sean asked Jhené Aiko would she compete for his love and she told him, “I don’t compete. I complete.”

While some thought the moment was cute, others found it a bit cringeworthy, noting how long the pair has had some semblance of an on-again, off-again relationship and the audacity of Sean even asking Jhene would she compete. Meanwhile, he let it be known to all men, “I will beat your mother f-cking ass for her.” And when Jhene asked why he doesn’t he marry her, Sean replied, “It’s in the works.”

yoko ono.@tr_flowerchild


leave me alone if you not coming with big sean energy.

Bad Bitch Jr.@saltyrosaa


“It’s in the works” bitch my heart



I love Jhené and big Sean

Still the lovesick energy of those moments couldn’t be saved from other awkward exchanges like the one below when Sean talked about going to Only Fans and she accused him of suspect behavior.



Jhene and Big Sean are funny man


she hit em with the “stutter, stutter” when he was talkin bout Only Fans

The entire session came across as two people with a bond who need to figure out what that connection looks like in real life, particularly in private, rather than in front of thousands of bored fans at home with too much time on their hands to see through the holes in their performance. Relationships aren’t easy, and certainly not in these times. But if Jhene says she doesn’t want anyone to know what’s going on with her and Sean then they should probably keep it that way until they know.

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