Funke Akindele Is Trending On Twitter And Here’s Why

Shebi you people remember how Funke Akindele was dragged by Twitter people on the 5th of April for throwing a birthday party? And how she was eventually arrested and fined N100k and three months of community service?

COVID-19: Police arrest Funke Akindele over house party – Punch ...


Looks like the table has turned now. Today, news of Abba Kyari’s death broke, and according to burial rites, his body was taken to the defence guest house in Maitama, Abuja.


Not to state the obvious, but look at the crowd present…

And now, Twitter people believe that Funke Akindele did not go this far before she was arrested. Because look at the government who made the social distancing rule… We didn’t say that. Somebody on Twitter did. See for yourself:

Mayowa Olagunju ❁@iam_doctormayor


Government can use a celebrity citizen like Funke akindele has scape goat for not practicing social distancing.

Government who made rule of social distancing did not go by the rule all because it involved abba kyari.


· Oshogbo, Nigeria

Another one:

Obi Of Onitsha



Funke Akindele was arrested, lost her ambassadorship and sentence her to 14days community service for violating the lockdown order.

But just look at the crowd gathered at Abba Kyari’s burial and they’re even showing it on national television.

This country is an entire circus.


Now, some people believe that everyone should apologise to Funke Akindele.




Seeing Abba Kyari body arrive Abuja and the Crowd

I think we should Apologise to Funke Akindele and her Husband

We’re Crazy in Nigeria


Tandy Of Lagos@iam_tandyboy


We all spoke about the Funke Akindele issue then because we thought she should know better but seeing what is happening at Abba Kyari burial.

We need to tender an apology to Funke Akindele & her husband on twitter because we all snitched on who is our own instead of our leaders.






Nigerian needs to apologise to Funke Akindele. If not she should sue Federal Government irrespective of the expected outcome. We dey mad for Nigeria.


But let’s look at the memes…

1. This one on community service.



Funke Akindele watching people gather for the funeral, while doing her community service.

View image on Twitter

2. Funke wondering wetin dey happen.


Your Destiny Helper®



Funke Akindele: “what have I done to this Twitter people again?”

View image on Twitter


3. When Funke Akindele goes through Twitter.



Funke Akindele going through the TL right now


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