‘Davido makes the best African music’- American actor Dwayne ‘De Rock’ Johnson


Following the drama on social media, after Davido posted a photoshopped picture of himself and Wizkid, American actor, Dwayne ‘De Rock’ Johnson has reinforced the claims that the Nigerian singer is one of the best to come out of Africa.

The Hollywood star was spotted in a video grooving to one of Davido’s tracks and also heaping praises on the American born Nigerian singer.

The superiority battle that trended on social media which sparked a reaction from Burna Boy where he claimed that Davido is not talented and only got fame and popularity from his father’s wealth.

However, Davido responded that Burna boy’s remark stems from hate.

Now an A list celebrity has added his voice, Davido the popular Nigerian artists has been confirmed the best by an American actor ‘De Rock’, he claimed that Davido is the best as he plays Davido’s song underground.

The former wrestler and Hollywood star has confirmed Davido’s superiority in the music industry as he said Davido is one of the artistes he likes listening to.

He also went further to say that he even listens to Davido’s songs at 2 am in the night.

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