Hushpuppi arrested by INTERPOL

big boy hushpuppi

Nigerian instagram big boy popularly known as Raymond Hushpuppi A.k.A Aja.4 (identified for his ostentatious lifestyle) was allegedly arrested by the FBI in Dubai.

Hushpuppi after denouncing his Nigerian citizenship moved to Dubai where was arrested for fraud (what most people call yahoo) with his accomplice Woodberry.

Ray hushpuppi flaunting his wealth

It is believed that he ventured into real estate to cover up his dubious activities and has been a fraudster for so long. After, thorough investigations by the FBI he was caught trying to launder hundreds of millions of dollars from the US which, obviously wasn’t successful as his other frauds.

His net worth is around 20 million USD dollars, which is quite alarming for someone with an illegal source of money.

Most people hope Mompha would be the next but who knows?? It could be anyone.

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