Queen of Empire: Hamamat celebrates and promotes the African Skin, Fashion, Food and Culture.

You can’t help but admire how the Ghanian beauty celebrates and promotes African culture.

Hamamat Montai

Hamamat Montai is a Ghanaian model and former Miss Malaika queen.
She was elected Miss Malaika 2006 at age 18 and also was a model of Africa Universe in 2007.
She hails from Bolgatanga in the Upper East region of Ghana.

Hamamat moved to her village after left her marriage with 2 kids and became broke and couldn’t afford living in the city.

After immersing herself into the village and accepted herself as one of them, she started to feel better about herself.

At a time, she recorded a video of herself making shea butter with her people and shared it online and for some reason, it went viral so much so that people started ordering shea butter from her.

She capitalised on that market and started Hamamat African Beauty where she now sells 100% natural, raw products which are handmade in Ghana. She sells Safari Shea Butter, Golden Shea Butter, Coconut oil, African Black Soap, Shea Butter Soap and Tongo Body Scrub worldwide.

She doesn’t mind proving to everyone that her natural shea butter helps in improving the skin and activating its natural glow.

She own the Hamamat African Village where you can go and relax with everything natural.
At Hamamat African village, they take you through the journey of how the African ancestors who had a deep connection with the earth cared for their health, skin and beauty by using ingredients provided to them by their natural environment. They have different scrubs they can do for you as you relax and enjoy their services; everything used as a scrub is natural.

She is an inspiration to other single mothers and she keeps preaching her truth saying that, it is tough and painful. There will definitely be tears but the only thing you should never do is give up and stop believing in your dream. Even if you’ve been used or lied to, you are valuable.

We celebrate her success story.

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