So sad!Three officials of FRSC were struck to death by a mysterious thunder in Ogun

Three FRSC officials died after they have been struck by a lightening in Ogun. This tragedy occured early on Wednesday, June 17, in the ancient town of Ilese, near Ijebu -Ode, in Ijebu North-East local government area of Ogun State.

The officials of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC)were struck when preparing for the early morning parade within the vicinity of their office located at the old toll gate.”They were about twelve officials in the same office when the lightning struck 3 of them”, a senior member disclosed

Futhermore, traditionalists worshipers otherwise known as Sango adherents have joined other FRSC officials at the scene of the incident in Ilese Ijebu so as to perform some traditional rites on the corpses before they are released to government for burial.

The state’s special security Men “OP MESA have taken over the security of the entire area.

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