World Sickle Cell Day

World Sickle Cell Awareness Day is celebrated on June 19th of each year.
Sickle cell disease (SCD) is a group of inherited red blood cell disorders.

Sickle cell disorder is a genetic condition passed from parents to children.

It is a trait inherited when one of the parents has passed on the sickle gene.

People with SCD suffer episodes of pain called Sickle Cell Crisis (SCC), vision problems, bone damage, frequent infections, and also damage to major organs of the body like the heart, liver, kidneys, spleen, etc. It can also result in death.

SCD has no cure yet, but it can be managed.

Symptoms of SCD:
Episodes of pain
Swelling of hands and feet.
Frequent infections.
Delayed growth or puberty.
Vision problems.

SCD affects millions around the world.
SCD is particularly common in individuals in Africa, South America, the Caribbean, Central America, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, India, and Mediterranean countries such as Turkey, Greece and Italy.
SCD is a major public health concern. From 1989 through 1993, an average of 75,000 hospitalizations due to SCD occurred in the United States, costing approximately $475 million.
Raising awareness about the SCD.
Supporting sickle cell patients.

Across the globe, supporters will participate in activities such as wearing red for sickle cell disease (SCD), sponsoring a walk or run, shaving or dying their hair, and sharing patient stories with local media outlets.

World Sickle Cell Day is the perfect opportunity to run an event or fundraiser to let people in your community know more about sickle cell and help support those living with the disorder.

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