Post Covid 19 Travels

After the pandemic, you probably want to visit a few places to have fun.

Here are some places to visit and explore.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh Castle is a magnificent example of Scotland’s architecture, ideology, political tact and military importance. High up on the summit of a dormant volcano lurks this dominating structure. Its presence is visible for miles in every direction. Intimidating all who would challenge them, the Scottish utilized Edinburgh Castle for all of their major battles and military strategizing. A strong standing symbol of their perseverance and struggle for independence, Edinburgh Castle is one of the top tourist attractions in Scotland.

Ibtza, Spain

As a party getaway Ibiza needs little introduction. It has been at the forefront of Europe’s dance music and clubbing scene for at least 25 years now, and its super-clubs and bars are now legendary.

You can follow up wild nights out with therapeutic days at some jaw-dropping beaches. For older visitors and those with families Ibiza has just as much to recommend it: You can journey into the UNESCO-listed Dalt Vila in Ibiza Town or take a tour of the beautiful whitewashed villages in Ibiza’s quiet and rural interior. All the while the island’s 15 Blue Flag beaches will be just a short detour away.

Places to Explore in Ibiza:

Ibiza Cathedral

Inside the walls is a steep warren of alleys that you’ll have a lot of fun exploring. These are packed with galleries, boutiques and local amenities like bakeries. Occasionally they’ll open out on to charming old squares like Plaza de Sa Carrosa and Plaza de la Vila.

At the very top of the old city is the cathedral, which sits next to a scenic outlook over the water. Potter around inside for a few minutes to see the gothic gold and silver monstrance, dating to 1399, and the 14th and 15th-century gothic panel paintings.

Dalt Vila

The highest and oldest part of Ibiza Town is guarded by strong renaissance fortifications built by Charles V in the 16th century.

The walls were constructed to fend off the threat of attacks by Berber pirates as well as invasion by sovereign forces like the French.

It’s well worth taking a little tour of the fortifications to check out the seven bastions, each with a slightly different story to tell.

The Santa Lucía bastion for instance houses an 18th-century powder magazine and commands fabulous vistas over the old fishing district and the harbour.

San Antonio

San Antonio (also Sant Antoni) is the second largest town in Ibiza, and is considered by British clubbers to be the clubbing capital of the world. It is situated on San Antonio Bay, on the west of Ibiza.

For two thousand years, San Antonio was a small fishing village, but it began to grow in the late 1950s when many hotels and tourist resorts were built as part of a mass tourism initiative which took place across Spain.

By the 1980s, San Antonio had acquired the stigma of being the holiday location of choice for British football hooligans, which lead to a decline in tourism in the area. However, it regained its popularity in the mid 1990s when it gained a reputation in Britain as being the best place to stay whilst having access to all the islands night clubs, often quoted as the best in the world as well as hosting the best DJs in the world.

Young British clubbers make up the vast majority of visitors to the area, but the laid-back vibe between locals, workers and tourists is apparent throughout the island.

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