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BBNaija Reunion: Dorathy accuses Ozo of backbiting

The normal dramatization in the continuous BBNaija Lockdown Reunion has started to the joy of admirers of the unscripted tv show.

On day two of the get-together show, Dorathy shed light on the justification her stressed relationship with Ozo, notwithstanding how close they were in the house.

During the unscripted TV drama, a few watchers trusted Dorathy had desirous sentiments towards Ozo. Notwithstanding, the youngster’s eyes were focused on Nengi.

As the show went on, many accepted antagonism started to work among Dorathy and Nengi while Ozo was viewed as the bone of conflict between the ladies.

Last evening, Dorathy uncovered that the explanation she has a stressed relationship with Nengi is a result of Ozo. The unscripted television star blamed Ozo for conniving.

She said, “Everyone thinks I cared deeply about him when he realized that I enjoyed Prince around then. I didn’t have any affections for Ozo and I don’t have a clue where the entirety of this is coming from; possibly due to the sort of individual that I am.

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“I’m exceptionally open; when you give me a great deal of consideration, I will be there. He was my companion around then; he comes to me to reveal to me things, and as my companion, I remain by him. It appeared to influence my relationship with Nengi in light of the fact that my companion comes to disclose to me something about an individual and I resembled, ‘what’s up with this angel?’

“He put me in an awful position since coming outside, I began seeing a great deal of stories. I conversed with him and I revealed to him I feel he is the one playing the game between us. That is one reason why I don’t converse with him.

“You come to me, reveal to me things; I converse with you and you return to tell Nengi. Is that what companionship is? You carry your issues to me; I converse with you about it and you return to tell the individual. Do you realize how harmful that is?”

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Ozo, accordingly, blamed Dorathy for placing things in Nengi’s mind.

He said, “I realize I referenced the part where Dora put me up for removal, yet I didn’t consider that to be an issue. I saw you (Dorathy) as my companion and you are conversing with a young lady that I preferred the entire time that I was in the house.

“In the discussion, you resembled ‘you don’t have the foggiest idea what he is doing what not’. You were placing things in the young lady’s head.”

Nengi likewise expressed that emerging from the house, she felt some hatred towards Dorathy.

She said, “I was watching the clasps and I saw where Dorathy made statements like ‘Nengi is a consideration looking for b*tch. Anything I do, she is attempting to do.’

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“A great deal of frightful stuff that she said and I said nothing terrible regarding her since I didn’t have any issues with her. I actually used to eat her food and do everything with her. I felt like we were acceptable. Yet, that was then, at that point.

“I likewise feel like Ozo had an influence and I have advised him before now. You can’t proceed to say awful regarding the individual you are with to someone else. On the off chance that my sister or closest companion comes and continues to say terrible regarding a specific individual, I would feel some sort of way. Also, I disclosed to him that he was important for the motivation behind why Dorathy and I dropped out.”

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