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Delta women protest alleged attacks by Fulani herdsmen

Ladies in Okpara-Inland in Ethiope East Local Government Area of Delta State on Thursday fought the relentless assaults on them and obliteration of their farmlands by presumed Fulani herders.

They spoke to the Delta State and Federal Government to act the hero.

The ladies, who set out on a serene dissent around the significant streets of lsiokolo, base camp of the nearby government region grounded business exercises as they dropped the leaves at the door of the castle of the conventional leader of Agbon Kingdom, the President-General’s home and neighborhood government secretariat.

The ladies said: “We have endured embarrassment in the possession of the Fulani herders. They assault and power us to drink herbicides which we use on clearing our farmlands. We have grumbled a few times to our chiefs yet they are not reacting on the grounds that they may have gathered cash from the herders.

A survivor of the herders’ assault, Mama Roseline Idolor said: “I met the Fulani herders and their cows were annihilating my cassava, sweet potatoes, groundnuts, corn and potatoes on my homestead. I begged them not to annihilate the yields and they said the land has a place with them since they have paid for it.

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The head of the ladies, Mama Victoria Eghagha prompted that any individual who has gathered cash from the herders should proceed to gather his cash and recover their property from the herders since they don’t need Fulani herders locally.

At the point when reached, His Royal Majesty, Ogurime-rime, Ovie of Agbon Kingdom, Ukori I, JP said the charges by the dissenters that cash was gathered from the Fulani herders as the trading of land was false, bringing up that the realm has no close to home land that ought to be given to herders and that these claims are bogus.

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The ruler, who talked through the Secretary of Agbon Traditional Council, Chief Emmanuel Avworo said: “The Ovie of Agbon is the lord of the multitude of sub-groups, towns and towns and these towns are being directed by the presidents-general or the Okarurho (Eldest man) of every local area.

‘The royal residence doesn’t include itself in this sort of issue and it might intrigue you to realize that matters identifying with deals, distribution lands are handle at the local area levels, the castle doesn’t include not to talk of renting area to herders, when they don’t have land to give.

“Assuming they are asserting that grounds were given to Fulani herders, they should take their issues either to the President-General, Okauro or elderly folks from that local area and not the royal residence. In Urhobo, lands are claimed by people and families and not the realm.

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“We will guarantee that this issue is examined as a team with the security organizations to unwind the main driver of the issues as we need the wellbeing and security of lives in Agbon.”

The President-General of Okpara Community, Chief Austin Akatugba said: “This dissent set out on by our moms is a decent one since we have been engaging with these herders issues for quite a while and we have been taking care of it methodicallly.

“We are enduring and grinning over these issues and as of late the Fulani herders attacked and annihilated one of our towns and as well behaved residents, we detailed the make a difference to the police for examination. However the heads of Okpara were not educated regarding the dissent I am happy that no property was annihilated simultaneously.”

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