Gary Neville predicts that Arsenal will finish in third place in the Premier League after Tottenham’s victory

Despite Arsenal’s current eight-point lead in the Premier League table after a successful win against Tottenham in the North London derby on Sunday, Gary Neville believes Manchester City will retain their crown and Manchester United will finish in second place. When asked his opinion on Arsenal’s chances of winning the title, Neville noted that he had previously predicted Leicester wouldn’t win the league.

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I think Man City has a strong chance to win the Premier League this season, and Manchester United will likely finish in second. It would be a great addition to the league if Arsenal could win it instead, but I’m not sure that will happen. Erling Haaland’s performance and City’s defense will likely be the factors that decide the winner.

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It is evident that Arsenal’s current performance is far better than expected this season. Although breaking into the ranks of the super managers is no easy feat, if Mikel Arteta were to win the league this season, he could potentially accomplish this. I sincerely wish for Arsenal to achieve this triumph, especially if Manchester United is not able to, as City have already won too many titles for my liking.


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