Governor Okowa visited the stadium today and praised Atiku in anticipation of his presidential campaign which is scheduled for today.

Governor Ifeanyi Okowa expressed his satisfaction with the arrangements for the Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) rally in Asaba. He noted the PDP’s presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar, is an experienced politician who is aware of the steps needed to bring Nigeria back on track. He further stated that he looks forward to working with Atiku and other citizens to restore and rebuild the nation.

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He noted that Nigerians are well aware of the current situation in the country, citing insecurity, disunity, lack of inclusivity, and a failing economy as some of the issues that need to be addressed. He believes that it will take a great effort from the current administration, working in conjunction with the citizens, to get out of the current state.

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Our government believes that, with the right program and God’s favor, we will be able to improve the economy and rebuild our nation. To achieve this, restructuring and devolution of power to states and local governments must be prioritized. This will allow for more resources, activities, and powers to be spread throughout the nation, leading to increased growth and competition amongst Nigerians.

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Atiku Abubakar has demonstrated a wealth of experience in both the public and private sector, and I believe that with his expertise, as well as support from other Nigerians, including the Organised Private Sector, the youth, and women, we can bring positive change to our country.

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