Her Royal Highness, Princess Anne of the United Kingdom, recently paid a visit to British peacekeepers stationed in Cyprus.

Her Royal Highness Princess Anne graciously accepted the invitation to visit British soldiers with the United Nations peacekeeping force in Cyprus. During the visit, she will meet with members of the Royal Logistic Corps, of which she is Colonel-in-Chief, to express her appreciation for their service. The peacekeepers will be leading her on a tour of a section of the U.N.-controlled buffer zone that divides the island nation.

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Her Royal Highness will lay a wreath at a cemetery in the buffer zone in memory of many Commonwealth soldiers who lost their lives in conflicts including both world wars.

The visit came shortly after the release of Prince Harry’s memoir, “Spare”, where he reflects on the difficult experiences of his marriage to Meghan and his strained relationships with certain members of the royal family, including his stepmother Camilla. He also alleges that certain family members had been leaking stories to the media in an effort to protect their own reputations.

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