Earn Money on showcasecityonline as an author

How to apply as an author on showcasecityonline

1. Download WordPress App

2. Sign up with an email

3. Full your details for Example

i. Add a photo

ii. All about you

4. Send am email to showcasecityonline@gmail.com with you details like

1. Your Email

2. What you are writing about Entertainment or Politic or Lifestyle

3. Location

4. Bank Account details

The Benefits on Showcasecityonline

With the elevated level of traffic on the site you can adverts products, YouTube Channel, Music, Events and so much more.

How to calculate your Earning

15,000 Views Monthly – $50

30,000 Views Monthly – $55

45,000 Views Monthly – $60

60,000 Views Monthly – $75

75,000 Views Monthly – $80

90,000 Views Monthly – $85

100,000 to 105,000 Views Monthly- $100

How to start blogging on showcasecityonline

Firstly connect your social media account Step by Step

Connect your account to get more views and automatic share*Twitter*Linkedin*Tumblr

How to start posting on showcasecityonline

Step 1

Step 2. After writing your story click on

Click on categories

Select the Categorie and tags related to your story

Add a photo in featured your image

And publish


i. No fake News

ii. Post at list 5 Article a day

iii. Post what trending at your location