Nigerian Man Cries Like a Baby as Girlfriends Publicly Rejects His Proposal in Ibadan

Another case of a public proposal gone wrong is going on, this time, in Ibadan, the Oyo city. A young man got turned down by a girl known as his girlfriend once he projected to her at a mall within the town.
The lady refused and stormed off Things did not go as planned because the man was left to lick his wounds. The video showed the woman storming off the mall in anger, rejecting the offering.
As the man wept whereas conjointly movement down in shame and wounded ego, a person came to tug him up in encouragement. The video has gone infective agent when it absolutely was shared on Instagram by @oyoaffairs. Nigerians also are reacting to the video in several ways in which. several of these UN agency reacted questioned the explanation behind public proposals.
Watch the video below:

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