Nigerians will be Required to Submit IMEI of their Mobile Phones to NCC from July

In July, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) will require inhabitants and regular citizens to present their telephones’ International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) to the office.

The IMEI is a 15-digit number that can be utilized for an assortment of purposes, including checking and recovering taken gadgets by GSM network administrators and specialists. The IMEI number is shipped off the organization base station any time you utilize a mobile phone to get to arrange offices, like settling on or accepting decisions or sending SMS. This takes into consideration IMEI observing.

President Muhammadu Buhari, as per Punch, has approved the NCC’s execution of the Device Management System, just as the linkage of supporters’ National Identification Numbers (NIN) to their portable data sets.

Coming up next are not many portions from the approach:

With the plan to abridge the fake cell phone market, debilitate cell phone burglary, improve National Security, ensure shopper premium, increment income age for the public authority, decrease pace of hijacking, relieve the utilization of taken telephones for wrongdoing, and work with hindering or following of taken cell phones and other savvy gadgets, one of the way to accomplish this is through the arrangement of Device Management System (DMS).

The execution of a Centralized Equipment Identity Register (CEIR) also called Device Management System (DMS) will fill in as an archive for tracking all enrolled cell phones’ International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) and proprietors of such gadgets. IMEIs that have been accounted for as either taken or illicit will be shared through the DMS to every one of the administrators and specialist organizations. The object is to guarantee that such gadgets don’t work regardless of whether diverse SIM Cards are embedded in those gadgets.

DMS will likewise give admittance to all administrators to cross-check the IMEIs and their status prior to permitting a gadget to get dynamic on their organization. Besides, enrolled cell phone professionals will likewise be furnished with an interface to check IMEIs and guarantee it has not been accounted for as taken or unlawful before they render their specialized administrations.

To accomplish this, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) would be answerable for the execution and the board of the DMS to accomplish the approach destinations.

Appropriately, His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR has coordinated that the Device Management System ought to be executed inside a quarter of a year.

The destinations of executing the DMS incorporate the accompanying:

I. to enroll and catch the IMEIs of every single cell phone and other brilliant gadgets on the DMS which will fill in as a storehouse for sharing information of taken gadgets across all organizations;

ii. to guarantee all un-enrolled gadgets don’t work in any of the Networks in Nigeria;

iii. to guarantee each revealed IMEIs for taken and illicit cell phones and other keen gadgets are boycotted and imparted to all administrators across all organizations;

iv. to alleviate Mobile Phone burglary and shield Nigerians from been assaulted to grab their cell phones and other brilliant gadgets;

v. to boycott and deliver all taken Mobile Phones and other Smart Devices worthless in the Nigerian Mobile Phones Market;

vi. to facilitate the utilization of cell phones and other savvy gadgets in all open spots unafraid of been assaulted by cell phone snatchers;

vii. to work with the utilization of advanced innovation answers for address central questions annoying Nigerians in the Telecommunication Sector; and

viii. to work with the execution of Device Management System in Nigeria as per best worldwide practice.

This implies the NCC will have the entirety of the data on all Nigerians in its data set. It empowers the office to screen the telephone’s records, instant messages, individuals you call and their personal residences.

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