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She’s a young lady that was just kidnapped from Abuja yesterday – Ameerah Sufyan

She’s a young lady that was just kidnapped from Abuja yesterday.

She was kidnapped along 16 others that includes 3 pregnant women and 2 little children.

The young lady shared her location as a broadcast message to all her contacts on WhatsApp.

She took her phone with her. Shared their location, tweeted it and gave us a hint on where they are heading to.

This is bravery. She risked her life to save her life and that of the 16 others. She did that with hope.

Ever since she tweeted about it, thousands of people have tagged and mentioned the appropriate authorities.

Unfortunately we’re still yet to hear a thing. Last night my friend checked her location, he said it showed that they were close to Makurdi, Jos road.

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In a serious country. No. In a sane country, this lady has done 90% of the wahala involved in a rescue mission.

But here we are.

This same thing happened to the two wives of a brother that were kidnapped recently here in Kaduna.

One of the wives was brave enough to take her phone with her. She’ll call her husband and remain mute.

But our security agencies couldn’t leverage on that to rescue them. They didn’t even make any effort.

And look at what Ameerah has done. She legit shared her location and even the kind of vehicle they are being transported with.

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That’s a very good initiative coming from a young lady. What do they need again?

Should Ameerah share the colour of the van? The kinds of phones the kidnappers are using? The type of weapons?

I feel really sorry for Ameerah. She’s unfortunate to be in this situation as a Nigerian in Nigeria.

Because I refuse to believe that we lack anything that should facilitate her rescue.

The North is unraveling.

These are innocent people kidnapped from their own homes in the federal capital territory by bandits.

We’re all at the mercy of these criminals.

A whirlwind is upon us.

And the most dreadful thing is that our leaders are in self denial.

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After years of deceit, bad governance, neglect of the masses, and flirtation with religious extremism, it’s harvest time.

The ship has already sailed. And we all saw it. What a man sows he must reap.

This is absolute nonsense. This is criminality on a commercial and industrial scale.

It’s heart wrenching that the bravery of this young lady may go in vain.

It’s unfortunate that we’ve made organised crime lucrative.

Though I didn’t weep for the North yesterday, I’d gladly weep for it today. I’d weep today and tomorrow.

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