What was Naira Marley thinking, Nigerians blast artist over reckless comment

Naira Marley keeps on producing responses over remarks he made about his dream.

The well known Nigerian artiste took to Social Media on Thursday sharing that he is as yet going to have s3x with mother and little girl around the same time.

He said;

“I’m still going to have s3x with mother and little girl around the same time, the mum ought to be more youthful than 40 and the little girl ought to be 18 years or over.”

Nigerians, generally female, have responded by shooting Naira Marley as they show clear conflict with what he has expressed while a couple have pardoned him, saying it is only a dream.

A gigantic help came for Naira Marley when columnist, Kemi Olunloyo protected him wildly.

She said;

“In the event that you are a mother, condemning Naira Marley for saying reality regarding his sexual dreams, you presumably have had intercourse with one of your little girl’s sweetheart”

Notwithstanding, many can’t help contradicting aunt Kemi, saying ‘no be all that pesin fit take get voyage’.

Entertainer, Onyii Alexx has encouraged Naira Marley to consistently regard moms, she raked the artist over the coals as respects his misogynist proclamation.

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“No be all that them dey take get voyage biko… in all that you do, consistently regard moms… biko no give us despicable journey.”

Nollywood entertainer, Ada Ameh has additionally dropped cruelly on Naira Marley, she had this to say to the artist:

“You are super inept. See make I disclose to you something ehn, we all naim dey smoke igbo oo however igbo no dey make individual furor, e dey make individual head right. On the off chance that your own dey cause you to do in any case, yarn okpata, kpokpe. You know wetin dem dey call kpokpe? Close the f*uck up! That assertion, if na voyage you wan catch, you no get commom sense. I used to like you a great deal, mehn! I lamented the day I embraced you in the plane and I said; “Hello! Leader of whatever since, I like you. Mehn! You’re a monkey!’ in addition to other things said.”

Entertainer Kunle Remi analyzed vocalist Naira Marley of an uncommon sort of psychological wellness issue, he said;

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“How individuals think? I can never comprehend. How can one concoct musings like this? this is a genuine psychological wellness issue.”

Philtre_X stated: “Naira Marley flourishes with terrible exposure.. In Entertainment any exposure is acceptable. At the point when will Nigerians figure out how to mind their business n talk about the more significant things influencing us all.”

Valentine Okeh tweeted: “All things considered, what will be will be. Simply one more DAY IN THE MODERN WORLD. At the point when somebody reliably depicts demonstrations of unethical irregularities on a customary and is hailed for it such a lot of that his fan base becomes more extensive and greater without reprimand or kickback… THIS IS WHAT YOU GET!”

Dammiiee Tee expressed: “And is this expected to be an accomplishment? It’s simply so miserable how a few group actually backing and promotion somebody like this. This made meextremely upset.”

The Marlian President has additionally responded subsequent to being critised over his dubious assertion.

He expressed that;

“Perhaps my musings are excessively wild

“They advise you to act naturally yet when you do, they rush to pass judgment on you

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“I have rights to trio as long as it’s consensual and legitimate”

The artist has additionally shared a greater amount of his dreams, and uncovered that he is yet to satisfy them since he has the dread of God.

“Na just me get insane dream ni?

“Possibly I’m insane sha

“I still wanna do it in the taxi with my young lady and I need the taxi man to be an Igbo man

“Additionally I wanna do it with your better half when she is on the telephone to you

“In the event that no be say I dread God and I would prefer not to push off… ‘ if no be along these lines, omo I go wear do and fix.”

For the most part, Naira Marley’s assertion has been viewed as disagreeable, ethically bankrupt, wild, and has been denounced by many.

What was Naira Marley truly thinking?

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